John Norton

I knew about Medilodge of Portage as a highly rated care facility, but never thought I would need to be cared for there.

In an instant, I broke a major bone and was so immobilized that I could not even crawl. So people came and helped get me to the hospital and after a 3-hour surgery and beginning physical therapy I came here. Most simple basic movements required someone to be there, keep me safe, and stable.

At physical therapy, I could see gains every day. It really felt good getting those muscles moving. They always knew how to use the machines and weights to work the exact spot.
Days and night’s worked hard to keep me comfortable and clean.

The bigger story is all the other people I saw being cared for here. This place is going like gang-busters every day. They are able to care for people with a very wide range of needs, but always with compassion. Even those who can do little or nothing for themselves are cared for around the clock with never a harsh word. Everyone I see here has a passion for what they are doing. It’s not just a job.

Running a nursing care facility is serious business. Here it is done with real professionalism. I actually enjoyed my stay here and wasn’t in a rush to leave.

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